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Seminars for Students

Theory meets practice - the IT-Certificate of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities consists of four strongly practice-oriented courses. In addition to theoretical knowledge, these seminars provide the opportunity to acquire skills that are particularly directly applicable.

The four Certificate courses are coordinated in terms of content and take up contemporary developments in the field of digital humanities. The IT certificate enables graduates to cover the IT requirements of small and medium-sized institutions, which are typically looking for a combination of knowledge from the humanities and the IT field, and to support them in ongoing operations.

In order to integrate new developments in the field of digital humanities into the course, both the range of events and their contents are constantly being further developed.

The seminars offered by the IT-Certificate of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities can be attended by all students of the University of Cologne of all Bachelor's and Master's programs as well as by students taking their teacher's and state examinations and doctoral students.

 Registrations for the seminars are generally made via KLIPS.

!!! IMPORTANT !!!!

Unfortunately it is not possible at KLIPS to offer courses for everyone. KLIPS offers the Studium Integrale (BA) and the Extracurriculare Angebote (EA) as options for announcement/occupation of our seminars. This has the consequence that all students from study courses without a study program component 'Studium Integrale' and 'Ergänzende Studien' are systematically excluded from the online allocation of the seminars of the IT-Certificate of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. However, this does NOT mean that you cannot participate in the seminars.

Please come to the first session in the first week of semester and talk to the lecturers! This also applies to all students who have received an automatic rejection from KLIPS.

If you have received a fixed place at KLIPS for the seminar, please note that this is provisional and that the final allocation of places will not take place until the first session. Unfortunately, we only have a limited number of places available and experience has shown that there are always students who would like to take part in the seminars but cannot register via KLIPS and also students who have registered but still do not come. In order to create a little equality of opportunity, those who are present at the first session will decide by lot who will get a final place.

So be sure to arrive punctually for the event in the first week of lectures! :-)

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Zielgruppe: Alle Studierende der Universität zu Köln, inbesondere die Studierenden der Philosophischen Fakultät.
Voraussetzung: Für die Teilnahme wird ein geübter Umgang mit dem Computer (allgemeine Computer Literacy) und die Bereitschaft, neue Einsatzfelder des Rechners kennen zu lernen, vorausgesetzt.
Umfang: Das Zertifikat besteht aus vier Modulen s.u.. Die Anerkennung der erfolgreichen Teilnahme (Studienleistung) setzt die kontinuierliche und aktive Teilnahme sowie – je nach Veranstaltung – Referat, Projektarbeit und/oder Klausur voraus.
Bewertung: Alle Seminare werden einzeln benotet. Diese Note erscheint aber nicht bei KLIPS, da das Studium Integrale keine Benotung vorsieht. Auf Teilnahmebescheinigungen und dem Zertifikat (Summe der Noten / 4) werden die Noten ausgedruckt. Ergebnislisten mit Ihren Noten finden Sie bei ILIAS.
Anmeldung: Die Anmeldung erfolgt über KLIPS. Für Details siehe Infos und Anmeldung/Anmeldung bei KLIPS.
Anerkennung: Eine curriculare Anerkennung ist im SI und EA ist möglich. Für Details siehe Infos und Anmeldung/Anerkennung im SI und EA .
Zertifikat: Gern stellen wir Ihnen Teilnahmebescheinigungen für erfolgreich belegte einzelne Seminare aus. Das IT-Zertifikat der Philosophischen Fakultät erhalten Sie auf Anfrage, wenn Sie alle vier Module erfolgreich belegt haben. Bestellformular.


Sommersemester 2021

Advanced IT Basics (Video + Workshop)
Advanced Web Basics (Zoom wöchentlich)
Advanced Web Basics (Video + Workshop)
Advanced Web Basics (Block)
Tools & Methods mit JS+AJAX (Zoom wöchentlich)
Tools & Methods Backstage Wordpress (Block)
Digital Objects (Zoom wöchentlich)

Wintersemester 2020/2021

Advanced IT Basics
Advanced Web Basics
Tools & Methods
Digital Objects