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Seminars for Students

Theory meets practice - the IT certificate of the Faculty of Arts consists of four strongly practice-oriented modules. In addition to theoretical knowledge, particularly directly applicable skills can be acquired in the seminars of the modules.

Digital teaching in summer semester 2021
Teaching in the IT certificate of the Faculty of Humanities will also take place digitally in the summer semester 2021. The offer varies between learning videos, weekly Zoom meetings and block courses via Zoom. The team of lecturers will prepare the material for you in the best possible way and the registered participants will be informed about the detailed procedure via e-mail via KLIPS or ILIAS.

But please do not forget one thing despite the difficult Corona situation: Learning only happens in your head! Websites, videos and all other digital learning material support this very well, but do not replace independent learning.


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Target group: All students of the University of Cologne, especially students of the Faculty of Humanities.
Prerequisite: For participation, a practised handling of the computer (general computer literacy) and the willingness to get to know new fields of application of the computer are required.
Scope: The certificate consists of four modules, see below. The recognition of successful participation (academic achievement) requires continuous and active participation as well as - depending on the course - presentation, project work and/or written examination.  
Assessment: All seminars are graded individually. However, this grade does not appear on KLIPS, as the Studium Integrale does not provide for grading. Grades are printed on participation certificates and the certificate (sum of grades / 4). Results lists with your grades can be found on ILIAS.  
Registration:    Registration takes place via KLIPS. For details see info and registration/registration at KLIPS.  
Recognition: Curricular recognition is possible in SI and EA. For details, see information and registration/recognition in SI and EA.  
Certificate: We are happy to issue certificates of attendance for successfully completed individual seminars. You will receive the IT certificate of the Faculty of Humanities on request if you have successfully completed all four modules. Order form.  


Sommersemester 2021

Advanced IT Basics (Video + Workshop)
Advanced Web Basics (Zoom wöchentlich)
Advanced Web Basics (Video + Workshop)
Advanced Web Basics (Block)
Tools & Methods mit JS+AJAX (Zoom wöchentlich)
Tools & Methods Backstage Wordpress (Block)
Digital Objects (Zoom wöchentlich)

Wintersemester 2020/2021

Advanced IT Basics
Advanced Web Basics
Tools & Methods
Digital Objects