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Freshman? - We show you what you should know at the beginning

Your first semester at a university begins.... Everything is new, exciting but also a little scary. We want to take away some of that fear and show you who the people are that you'll be dealing with for the next few years, what all you should know as a freshman, and how you can find help with any questions or problems.

Media informatics

The compulsory optional subject Media Informatics is offered as a Bachelor's as well as a Master's programme in conjunction with Media Cultural Studies.

This subject makes students familiar with the basics of modern media technologies and enables them to critically evaluate their possibilities. Both the practical application of the techniques in the field of media production and the understanding of these are taught, so that the students can develop their knowledge based on this independently.

Current courses can be found here

Information processing

The interdisciplinary course of studies focuses on the development and use of information processing systems in the context of humanities issues. The main focus of the course lies in the areas of linguistic and historical-cultural information processing. As an applied computer science of the humanities within the Digital Humanities, information processing uses machine systems to process data and theories of general and individual linguistics, literary philologies, historical sciences, language use and communication. The object is the representation, use and processing of linguistic and non-linguistic Data.

Current courses can be found here

Finding topics for theses

Here we will soon publish former bachelor and master theses, as a means of orientation.

Writing process and organization of final theses

Here you can find more information about the writing and organization process of the final theses.