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Moderne Technik für zeitloses Denken

IT-Zertifikat der Philosophischen Fakultät

Eine Informationsveranstaltung findet am 04.03.22 um 10:00h und am 17.04.22 um 11:00h bei Zoom statt. Der Link kann via Email angefragt werden.

DIGITALE ZUKUNFT SELBST GESTALTEN: Erwerben Sie das Wissen und erlernen wichtige Technologien in vier zielgruppenspezifischen und praxisorientierten Seminaren!

Modern technology for timeless thinking


Acquire the knowledge and learn the techniques in four target group-specific and practice-oriented seminars!

Digital teaching in summer semester 2021
Teaching in the IT certificate of the Faculty of Humanities will also take place digitally in the summer semester 2021. The offer varies between learning videos, weekly Zoom meetings and block courses via Zoom. The team of lecturers will prepare the material for you in the best possible way and the registered participants will be informed about the detailed procedure via e-mail via KLIPS or ILIAS.

But please do not forget one thing despite the difficult Corona situation: Learning only happens in your head! Websites, videos and all other digital learning material support this very well, but do not replace independent learning.

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SI-Kampagne "Schaut doch mal über den Tellerrand" | IT-Kompetenzen

Feedback from participants

16.04.21 |"I am already looking forward to the data protection workshop. Too bad there are only 3 workshops. :) "
"Thank you for the workshop and the good orga!"
"Many, many thanks. It was very exciting!"

06.04.21 | Furthermore, I just wanted to thank you again "personally". Looking back, of course, it's always easier to say that, but the course really made me want to do more :) ! 

03.04.21 | Thank you very much for the two courses. What I learned in your seminar will definitely be useful for my future job.

11.03.21 | Thank you very much for these great and helpful seminars - they will definitely help me in the future. :)

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08.03.21 | Thank you very much for your great engagement in the course, I have learned many new things that seemed rather dry and boring to me at the beginning, but which are nevertheless very essential for the future and the sustainability of knowledge.

25.02.21 | I would like to thank you for both seminars, which I found very enriching. Especially the practice in the Tools and Method course was a lot of fun. I was very happy to have opted for the certificate during the Corona period, as it was possible to work well despite the home office.

21.02.21 | I would like to give feedback on the IT certificate and combine this with thanks for the exciting semester. I wrote my Master's thesis this semester and took the 4 IT courses during it. Looking back, it was a time-consuming and work-intensive semester. Nevertheless, I am very glad that I took the IT courses because they helped me to avoid becoming a complete "subject idiot" this semester and burying myself exclusively in books. Basically, the 4 IT courses gave me an insight into a world that was largely foreign to me and awakened my interest in IT topics.

I know from a fellow student, who also took the 2nd course this semester, that she is even considering changing her degree programme and orienting herself towards IT because of the IT certificate. 

What was very positive every session was your commitment and good humour - that often carried over! (As I only joined the course for the second session on 11.11., I also remember the digital disguise as a first, humorous impression).

19.11.20 | Apart from that, I would like to say thank you already, I got to know really cool new tools and am already using the LinkedIn page (actually didn't know before that we had access to it). 

08.09.20 | At this point I would also like to thank you for the great events. I took away some new things that I will certainly apply in other contexts. Despite the corona-related restrictions, you prepared and conveyed the contents very well. I only find it a pity that we couldn't print anything with the 3D printer ;)

07.09.20 | The IT certificate is a great thing and I wish you and your team continued success and joy with this programme in the future! I am very happy to have had this learning opportunity and proud of the challenges I have overcome in the project work.

01.09.20 | Thank you very much :-) I am looking forward to the next IT Certificate courses!!!

25.08.20 | it was great fun to take all the courses of the certificate!

12.05.20 | I would like to thank you very much for the informative and fun DOP course! And of course for all the other courses within the IT certificate. I think it's great that the Institute for Digital Humanities has made it possible for me (and others) to acquire this knowledge as part of my studies at the university.

27.04.20 | As a general feedback, I am happy to share with you that I found these courses really great. The uncomplicated personal communication with you and the other lecturers cleared a big first hurdle. The courses themselves have shown me that I have a great enthusiasm for IT and programming even without any particular prior technical knowledge, which surprised and pleased me personally. I also found their fast and flexible approach to the current situation very successful, I found the courses online very good and I would wish if the university could offer more such courses regardless of health crises. As a student with a child, I would have been able to attend a few more seminars that were inconvenient for childcare times. So thank you again!

13.03.20 | I really enjoyed the IT courses and I am very grateful that there is this opportunity at the university to deal with a completely different subject matter for a change. Thank you very much for this opportunity!

03.03.20 I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the time spent in your DOP IT course last semester. Your joyful way of teaching made learning easier, I always enjoyed coming to the course (which I also often heard from my fellow students) and you awakened a passion for IT in some of them. Thank you very much! 

20.01.20 | The IT courses have already got me a job: I've been working in IT project management at an Internet agency for a few months now. I owe that to you! With your cheerful and appreciative manner, you have awakened and encouraged my enthusiasm for IT. You explain even more complex content in such a way that one understands it and never feels too stupid for anything. You awaken the curiosity to see connections and to develop a better understanding of the digital world, which one has to deal with every day. I would therefore like to thank you: the courses were a lot of fun and enriched me professionally and personally.

17.09.19 | Thank you very much, Mr. Kiss, I have to say that your course last week gave me an unexpected desire to understand IT better, to know more, even though I did not grow up with it. Thank you for allowing me to continue to share your knowledge!

05.07.19 | Carsten Wilms, WDR 5 Wave Line: "Dear Ms Kurz,
for six years now you have been supporting the WDR 5 digital editorial team in the search for student assistants. I would like to express my gratitude for this. 
The students who work in our editorial department through your placement are all distinguished by special skills: They are very adept at using audio, video and image editing programmes and our content management system. And they are very confident and creative in their use of language. With their strong affinity for technological issues, the students provide valuable supply work for our editorial activities in web and social media.
I am convinced that especially your strongly practice-oriented courses for the acquisition of the IT certificate of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cologne provide the students working for us with special qualifications.
I would be happy to approach you again in the future as soon as we have a need for student assistants again."

"I would like to thank you very much for the great seminar and generally for offering the IT certificate course. I must say that it was a bit stressful and difficult for me to take the four certificate courses in addition to my work and master's final exams. However, I think it was very much due to your teaching and facilitation skills that I managed to pass both the exams and the projects. Thank you very much for that!"

"I would like to thank you very much for the exciting, very instructive and practice-oriented Web Basics course with you. The long journey from Münster was very worthwhile for me, I was able to take away a lot of new knowledge."

" I would like to thank you very much for all the exciting sessions. Personally, the event really helped me a lot and I feel very happy and fortunate! Thank you very much!"

"What is extraordinary is the work and commitment that you and your team put into this offer. Because for me it is clear today: the economy needs us humanities graduates! Today more than ever!"

"Thank you again for leading the course: it's nice to have a lecturer who brings it all across in a relaxed and easy-going way."

"The IT certificate was incredibly fun in all of this. The AHA experiences were the greatest - and of course your enthusiasm! I never once experienced you being annoyed. I really wish I could enjoy my job as much as you do someday."

"I also wanted to thank you for your great courses! I really enjoyed learning something new from you every week. Not only because of the content, but because you are a lecturer who can also transfer her verve and joy to her audience. You always explain things in such a way that connections become clear and stay in one's mind."

"Overall, everything has developed very positively for me (with just an archaeology degree it would probably be different) and that's where your courses were a very good starting point. In the meantime, I have been employed at the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel for a year, and recently I have also been responsible for the technical implementation of a digital edition. Here, there are great opportunities for networking and quite freely shaping my work. In winter, for example, I was in Bern for the DHd, also as a speaker at a workshop. ... Many thanks for that!"

"Thank you very much for the interesting and varied course. It was really fun and I also feel like I understood some things that would probably have remained a mystery to me without your "we'll start simple" explanations :-)"

"The courses in the IT certificate are challenging. There is a lot of practical work and you soon get beyond the normal applications with your own computer. The nice thing is: you learn a lot and most of it can be implemented directly. I feel that taking part in the four courses has taught me a lot that can be very useful in very different professional fields."

"I now work as an online editor and can very often refer back to the knowledge I learned through you. I really enjoyed the course and it made me interested in more technology and more knowledge. Thank you for that."

"It's like learning a new language: suddenly whole new worlds open up."

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