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SI-Kampagne "Schaut doch mal über den Tellerrand" | IT-Kompetenzen

"Schaut doch mal über den Tellerrand"

Feedback from participants

"The work and commitment that you and your team put into this offer is extraordinary. Because it is clear to me today that business needs us humanists! Today more than ever!

"Thank you again for leading the course: It's nice to have a lecturer who can convey all this in a relaxed way."

"Thank you for the great seminars! It was a lot of fun".

"I really enjoyed the IT certificate in all this. The AHA experiences were the greatest - and of course your enthusiasm! I have never once experienced you annoyed. I really hope that at some point my job will be just as much fun for me as it is for you".

"I also wanted to thank you for your great courses! I really enjoyed learning something new from you every week. Not only because of the content, but because you are a lecturer who can transmit her energy and joy to her listeners. You always explain things in such a way that connections become clear and remain in your memory."

"All in all, everything has developed very positively for me (with a mere archaeology degree it would probably look different) and your courses were a very good starting point. In the meantime, I have been employed at the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel for a year, and have recently also been responsible for the technical implementation of a digital edition. In the winter I was at the DHd in Bern, for example, and also took part in a workshop as a speaker. ... Many thanks for that!

"Thank you very much for the interesting and varied course. It was really fun and I also have the feeling that I have understood some things that would probably have remained a mystery to me without your "We'll just get started" explanations :-)".

"The courses in the IT certificate are demanding. There is a lot of practical work to be done and one soon goes beyond the normal applications with one's own computer. The nice thing is that you learn a lot and most of it can be implemented directly. I have the feeling that participation in the four courses has brought me a lot that can be very useful in very different professional fields."

"I now work as an online editor and can very often fall back on the knowledge you have learned. I really enjoyed the course and was interested in more technology and more knowledge. Thank you for that,"

"Humanities scholars no longer work in dusty libraries - already during my studies I was able to use the knowledge I acquired during the IT certificate successfully; and my future employers will certainly appreciate it.

"It's like learning a new language: new worlds suddenly open up."

"Thank you for the great seminars! It was a lot of fun."