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Information on the internship

Bachelor Information Processing: EM 2 Research Internship

Scope: 6 CP are awarded for the module, so the internship should last 180 hours (about 4.5 weeks).

Purpose: With the internship the students get an insight into the fields of practice and the implementation of the acquired competences in professional practice. The experience gained during the internship is intended to improve professional qualifications and facilitate career entry. Here, Cologne offers a broad environment of companies that offer fields of work that are related to the study programme.

Module completion: After completing the internship, please submit two documents to the internship officer:

    Internship report (at least 5000 characters): Briefly describe the activities you carried out during the internship and the skills you were able to acquire as a result. Also reflect on the relationship between your internship and the other contents of your studies.

    Confirmation from the employer that you have completed the required time (180 hours) and have carried out the activities described by you.

If you have any questions, please contact the internship officer Dr. Jürgen Hermes