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IT Certificate for BA, MA & PhD students

Theory meets practice - the IT certificate of the Faculty of Humanities consists of four strongly practice-oriented modules. In the seminars of the modules, directly applicable skills in particular can be acquired in addition to theoretical knowledge.


KLIPS registration


Target group: All students of the University of Cologne, especially students of the Faculty of Humanities. Prerequisite: For participation, a practised handling of the computer (general computer literacy) and the willingness to get to know new fields of application of the computer are required.
Scope: The certificate consists of four modules, see below. The recognition of successful participation (academic achievement) requires continuous and active participation as well as - depending on the course - presentation, project work and/or written examination.

All seminars are graded individually. However, this grade does not appear on KLIPS, as the Studium Integrale does not provide for grading. Grades are printed on participation certificates and the certificate (sum of grades / 4). Results lists with your grades can be found on ILIAS.

Registration:     Registration takes place via KLIPS. For details see info and registration/registration at KLIPS.
Recognition: Curricular recognition is possible in SI and EA. For details, see information and registration/recognition in SI and EA.

We are happy to issue certificates of attendance for successfully completed individual seminars. You will receive the IT certificate of the Faculty of Humanities on request if you have successfully completed all four modules. Order form.


Registration and recognition in the curriculum

Registrations for the seminars are always made via KLIPS. KLIPS only offers the Studium Integrale (BA) and the Extracurriculare Angebote (EA) as options for announcement/occupation of the seminars. If you are unable to register with KLIPS in this way, please come to the first meeting and talk to the lecturers! This also applies to all students who have received an automatic rejection from KLIPS.
If you have received a fixed place at KLIPS for the seminar, please note that this is provisional and that the final allocation of places will not take place until the first session, so be sure to arrive punctually for the seminar in the first week of lectures! :-)

All BA students of the University of Cologne can have the courses of the IT-Certificate of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities credited within the framework of the Studium Integrale, the MA students within the context of the extracurricular offers (EA). Further information about the Studium Integrale and the extracurricular offers can be found here.

If you have any questions, you can send an email to at any time, we appreciate your interest.

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Recognition in SI and EA

All BA students of the University of Cologne can take the courses of the IT certificate of the Faculty of Humanities in the context of the Studium Integrale (SI), the MA students in the context of the Extracurricular Offers (EA).

In both SI and EA, the seminars are located under IT Competencies C, D, E, and F.

For more information on Studium Integrale and the Extracurricular Offerings, please see

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Recognition in MA CIH

Students of the MA program  Cultural and Intellectual History between East and West can take the seminars of the IT Certificate of the Faculty of Arts for credit in the module Essential Philological Skills.

If you have any questions, please feel free to schicken. We appreciate your interest.