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For teaching profession

Unfortunately, we cannot continue this very successful project at the moment. We are here for you again and are very happy to offer seminars for you again as soon as we have the opportunity.

In the summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/21, four seminars could be offered for the first time to all students of the teaching profession, leading to the additional qualification "IT certificate for teaching profession". The programme consists of four strongly practice-oriented modules. In addition to theoretical knowledge, skills that can be directly applied in schools can be acquired in the seminars of the modules. The content of the four seminars is applications, methods and above all technical background knowledge in all areas of IT that are needed and used in schools. This goes far beyond the mere use of digital media and enables graduates to advise and support schools in the digital transformation. 

This is made possible by the FELLOWSHIPS FOR INNOVATIONS IN DIGITAL HIGH SCHOOL TEACHING NRW of the Stifterverband.

Digital teaching in winter semester 2020/2021
Teaching in the IT certificate for teachers will be completely digital in the winter semester 2020/21. The team of lecturers will prepare the material accordingly and the registered participants will be informed about the detailed procedure by e-mail via KLIPS or ILIAS.

Target group: Students of the teaching profession
Prerequisite: Practised use of the computer and willingness to get to know new fields of application of the computer.
Scope: The certificate consists of four modules. Recognition of successful participation (academic achievement) requires continuous and active participation as well as - depending on the course - a presentation, project work and/or written examination.
Certificate: We will gladly issue certificates of attendance for individual seminars. You will receive the IT Teaching Certificate if you have successfully attended all four seminars. Order form.

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Zielgruppe: Studierende des Lehramtes
Voraussetzung: Geübter Umgang mit dem Computer und die Bereitschaft, neue Einsatzfelder des Rechners kennen zu lernen.
Umfang: Das Zertifikat besteht aus vier Modulen. Eine Anerkennung der erfolgreichen Teilnahme (Studienleistung) setzt die kontinuierliche und aktive Teilnahme sowie – je nach Veranstaltung – Referat, Projektarbeit und/oder Klausur voraus.
Zertifikat: Gern stellen wir Ihnen Teilnahmebescheinigungen für einzelne Seminare aus. Das IT-Zertifikat Lehramt erhalten Sie, wenn Sie alle vier Seminare erfolgreich belegt haben. Bestellformular.



IT-Grundlagen (SoSe20)
Digitale Lehre (WiSe20/21)
Tools & Materialien (WiSe20/21)
Portal Schule (WiSe20/21)

Anmeldung über KLIPS

Die Anmeldung zu den Seminaren erfolgt über KLIPS, am besten mit dem Suchwort "IT-Zertifikat" unter Suche / Lehrveranstaltungen.
Zu finden sind die Seminare aber auch im Bereich der EA unter IT-Kompetenzen C, D, E und F.